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Online Project Management Degree Programs

The focus of a Project Manager is to oversee the direction of any business' initiatives.

Through ensuring timelines, budgets, and solving any problems that arise throughout the course of a project, the success of a company depends on the strength of the project manager.

Does this sound like you? Are you organized and enjoy planning a project from start to finish?

The Institute of Project Management stated in 2006 that the median annual income for an individual working as a project manager is around $96,000, which includes salary and bonuses.

Career options for individuals with a online project management degree or certification, include:

  • Business
  • Construction
  • Information technology
  • Marketing

One of the most important positions within an organization or company is the project manager. The goal of this position is to control all aspects of a project, from start to finish. The successful completion of a project is the responsibility of the manager.

Is this a career path for you? Are you ready to take your career up a notch?

Our programs offer you an alternative from traditional college courses. You don’t need to worry about commuting to a campus or rearranging your already busy schedule to fit in a class. You earn your degree from a reputable institution at a pace that works for you.

Online programs are earned through accredited and respected universities. Each program gives you a solid foundation to advance your career to a new level.

Depending on the exact program you enter will determine the courses you will take. However, example classes include communication, strategy, research, and marketing.

Are you ready to get started?

Before you go any further in earning a degree online, explore our list of programs below.

Depending on whether you want to earn a Bachelor’s or a Doctorate, there are a wide variety to choose from.

When you find a few programs that sound like a fit your needs, request more information.

After we receive your online form, an advisor will contact you to discuss what your needs are and if our program fits them.