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Online Humanities Degree Programs

Average earnings are around $30,711 per year.

With this degree, you’ll learn problem-solving, critical thinking, and strong communications skills through the study of art, literature, philosophy, and language. You can find humanities courses and certificates online, as well as online degrees in humanities. 

Humanities majors are excellent at reading, analyzing, and drawing conclusions based on a wide base of knowledge. These skills make them valuable in many different industries. Potential careers for humanities majors include:

  • Lawyer
  • Teacher
  • Public administrator
  • Human resources manager
  • Policy researcher

A major in humanities enables you to learn about human condition, through critical, analytical and speculative approaches. Whether you are interested in music, performing arts, literature, philosophy, or religion, humanities might be the right major for you.

Are you interested in earning a degree, but are worried about how the courses will fit into your schedule?

Are you ready to make the commitment to earning a degree, but are unsure where to get started?

Our list of accredited universities provide a solution to your busy schedule. With online degrees, you are able to earn a degree in a field you enjoy, without too much strain on your schedule.

Without the need for long commutes and fitting your classes into a tight schedule, you can complete your degree at a pace that is perfect for you. Typical courses include history, philosophy, language, culture, and communication.

Are you feeling confused about your options?

Search through our list below and see if any of our options fit into your long term goals. When you are ready to learn more, press the more information button. Once you fill out our online form a representative will contact you to discuss your options.

Earn a degree to advance your career, while fitting it into a schedule that makes sense for you.