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XML Advanced

ProTrain Online


Students who are familiar with XML will explore more advanced topics related to working with XML and tools that can be used with XML. Students will build XML document schemas using Relax NG and parse XML using the DOM and SAX models and how XML is programmed using various programming environments.

Students will work with XQuery and look at how XML works with database applications. Students will explore XML services and applications that use XML.


  • Students will use the XML tool of their choice to create a well-formed XML document.
  • Students will create DTDs, XML schemas and Relax NG to define XML document structures.
  • Students will use CSS, XSL-FO and XSLT for displaying XML data.
  • Students will use XPath and XQuery to access data in an XML document.
  • Students will use XML with database applications.
  • Students will identify features of the DOM and SAX processing methods for working with XML data.
  • Students will explore ways XML is used in applications development.
  • Students will explore ways XML is used in web-based services.
  • Students will explore various XML technologies.


Students will learn to use XSL-FO for creating documents using XML.


course quick facts
course code PRO2073
cost $375.00
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32 Hours
course materials
7 Weeks