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Intermediate XML: Creating a DTD


Learn to plan, write, and analyze the basic building block of XML, the Document Type Definition, which serves as the content model for dozens, perhaps thousands of XML documents.

You are creating a vocabulary of tags to be used by the writers of those documents, an explicit structure that will be relied on by a parser when it checks those documents for validity, and finally, a roadmap through those documents for software that will carry out further manipulation and formatting of those documents. This course explains the role of the DTD in an XML environment, walks you through each component of a DTD, and shows you how to create an entire DTD based on existing documents.

You also learn how a group goes about creating DTDs during the transition into XML. Note: This course assumes that you already have some familiarity with XML tags. This course is delivered via a detailed PDF online module, complete with everything you need to take in a step-by-step sequence.


When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the role played by a Document Type Definition in an XML environment
  • Describe the role played by the XML parser in validating XML documents using the DTD.
  • Declare elements, attributes, entities, and notations in a DTD.
  • Add comments and processing instructions to a DTD.
  • Analyze a document and create a DTD for documents of that type.
  • Plan the process of creating DTDs for your group.


You will demonstrate what you have learned in:

  • Detailed challenges to create declarations, building a DTD.
  • Weekly quizzes to review the material.
  • A project creating an entire DTD for your portfolio

course quick facts
course code DED294
cost $299.00
estimated time to
complete course
24 Hours
course materials
6 Weeks

Rick Siebert have been a college professor for over 20 years, and teaches computer information courses such as, Database Management, Authorware, Multimedia, XML, Visual Basic, Systems Analyst,and C++. He has also taught an Authorware class over the Internet for two years.