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Write for Business-Proofreader`s Guide-eBook


The Proofreader`s Guide is a handy, quick reference guide containing all the information you need to accurately proofread your documents.

This easy-to-search eBook covers punctuation, capitalization, spelling, usage, grammar, and more. The concise explanations, detailed examples, colorful charts, and interactive links make using the Proofreader`s Guide quick and simple. Install it on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or your PDA.

The Proofreader`s Guide helps ensure your business communications are professional and free of errors.


An eBook is an electronic version of a printed book that is installed on a computer. Instead of paging through a printed and bound book, you browse content in a common PDF format on your computer screen. The content is not printable.


Although offered for immediate download, the Proofreader`s Guide is also included on the Write for Business Companion CD.

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