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Resume Writing


Designed for anyone who needs a resume, this course will guide students through the process. An overview of resumes including their use, what potential employers look for and styles will be discussed. Comparisons between the job market and individual goals will be made and applied to the process. A completed resume will be the final product of this course.


A. The student demonstrates his or her understanding of the resume process by developing a job goal and outlining an information sheet of their background based upon their job goal. B. The student will submit a completed and polished resume.


A. Recognize the differences in resume styles and to understand what information goes on each. Students will be able to choose the correct style for them. B. To be able to determine pertinent and extraneous information. C. To be able to gear the resume toward their goals.

course quick facts
course code DED202
cost $69.00
estimated time to
complete course
15 Hours
course materials
3 Weeks