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How to Get an Accent in a Month: A Brief Study of Southern Literature.


This course examines different forms of Southern literature: the characters, scenes and plots involved with this type of regional literature.

By examining short stories by several different Southern authors, students will gain appreciation of this style of writing, learn how to recognize key style points, and eliminate typical stereotypes.

Specific aspects studied will include character development and the use of religious imagery.


NOTE: This is a self-directed course. Students will receive feedback on the final week`s assignment. Exercises completed before that week will be used to tailor the course to the student`s needs but will not receive individual feedback.

The main course objective is to recognize various forms of Southern literature from a variety of authors.

In addition, the student will be able to compare and contrast the different styles. Students will be able to identify key characteristics and use of imagery.

Finally, the student will write their own short story or novel chapter either based in the South or based on the adventures of a Southern character.


Assessment in this course will consist of measurement of the following:

  • Completion of weekly reading exercises of selected Southern short stories including comments and exercises.
  • Identification of imagery and characteristics inherent to Southern literature through weekly exercises.
  • Completion of final exercise consisting of either a short story or novel chapter either located in a Southern locale or focusing on primarily Southern characters.

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16 Hours
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5 Weeks

Amy Cipolla Barnes has been a moderator, teacher, and facilitator for over ten years. She is involved with her local writers club as a member and as an officer. Her writing interests are diverse and include Southern literature and magical realism. She has published numerous non-fiction columns on topics ranging from stamp fraud to home offices, travel to pets. In addition, she has won contests for short stories, longer fiction, and poetry. She has been published in various literary journals and is currently working on her first novel and a collection of short stories. She also has taught a number of online courses that have covered topics, such as: southern literature and beating writers block.