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A Fast Track Approach to Making Money as a Freelance Writer (Instructor-Led)


Designed for individuals interested in becoming a freelance writer. This course provides methods that work and help budding writers to put their careers in high gear or assist individuals desiring a new career to get started.

This course demonstrates proven methods other writers have used through strategies of getting organized, establishing themselves as a writer, soliciting work, implementing networking, and selling themselves as a writer. With the ultimate goal to become a successful freelance writer.


Upon completion of this course students should be able to do or have done the following:

  • Know how to get organized
  • Implemented strategies to establish themselves as a freelance writer
  • Have submitted at least one article or story
  • Know how to present (and sell) themselves as a professional writer
  • Understand some of the basics of networking
  • Learn what First North American serial rights are
  • Know how to prepare a professional query letter


  • Student will demonstrate their understanding of how to get started by taking a test on organization and structure
  • Student will have submitted at least one story or article for evaluation employing editing and producing a clean copy technique for evaluation
  • During the course of their study, the student will perform their first act of becoming a professional writer by approaching and or soliciting at least one market
  • The student will go to a writers group or some other social function that will allow them to present themselves as a writer and start employing networking skills
  • The student should establish a submission's chart, get (or make)business cards and other tools designed to assist them in their quest of becoming a successful freelance writer Course Information (see above or below lessons, outlines, activities, etc.) During the first week, organization and structure will be discussed. Students will learn how to chart their submissions and set up a preliminary chart for this purpose. Other basics such as tools needed and how to effectively manage their time will be addressed. Their assignment will be to submit their submissions chart for evaluation.

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cost $79.00
estimated time to
complete course
24 Hours
course materials
8 Weeks

Alison (Katherine) Dubois has earned a number of degrees, including: an M.A in creative writing, a B.A. in Literature, and an A.A. in Journalism. She also holds a certificate in desktop publishing, and is the recipient of four national poetry awards. Dubois has also worked as a reporter for nearly a dozen newspapers and been a freelance writer for over two decades, and teaches a number of online courses, including topic such as: Freelance writing, Creative writing, and Non-Fictional writing.