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HTML Lessons in Web Page Design - 10 Week Facilitator Led


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is the language of web page design. If you have little or no experience with HTML, then this 10 week standard course with facilitator interaction is the one to take. With these lessons you will have your own web site up and running in no time! Learn to design internet web pages for your favorite charity, for your business, or for your own personal needs.

John Gilson, the author of these lessons, is a teacher and Mathematics Department Head and has taught programming courses for several years in both day school and in adult evening education classes. He has taught HTML web page design for the Brant FreeNet, for the Grand-Erie Board of Education, and is a Teacher Professional Development HTML workshop presenter.

These lessons have been field tested by many students of all ages. Each time these lessons were presented, John would note the troublesome areas and then make the necessary changes to eliminate these difficulties. These HTML lessons are the culmination of John`s efforts to produce the best possible self-learning HTML course available today.

The many examples are clear and easy to follow. Each week, you are e-mailed a new lesson which includes an assignment that you complete over the next 7 days. At that time or within the week, the solutions are e-mailed back to the facilitator to be marked.

By the time you finish this ten week course, you will have a very firm understanding of HTML and what HTML is all about. This is the course to take if you have little or no previous experience in HTML. Dewey from Florida writes, "This is just super, great, good, are there any other words out there to describe your lessons? When I started going through your lessons, I felt I had hit the jackpot. I find your material easy to understand and I know I am learning a little at a time, but learning for sure. I like what you said about learning HTML the right way and I believe your teaching of these HTML lessons is the right way. Thanks John" Dale from California writes, "Thank you for the start you have given me in web design. Your lessons were my first introduction to HTML. Now I am a PAID Web Developer. Now I can`t be unemployed. What a great feeling! Thanks again for your lessons!"

You may be wondering why you would need to learn HTML when there are so many programs available that will build web pages for you. Well, this is what two people have written the author of these lessons. These are representative of many similar emails that have been received:

Mat from Idaho writes "I want to thank you for these great lessons. It has proved to be one of the great assets for the building of our page. I started using composer originally and have recently switched to FrontPage. However, I simply would not be able to have created the page I have without being able to understand the code and edit it as I have. Thanks for your great lessons!"


Upon completion of this HTML course, you will:

  • Appreciate the importance of elements and tags in designing web pages.
  • Be able to design your own web page complete with links, tables, lists, images, frames and forms.
  • Know what separates good pages from bad pages.
  • Know what design elements work and which ones to avoid.
  • Understand the different versions of HTML that you can design your web pages in.


1. Basic knowledge: Each lesson will have a number of questions that are based on the lesson content. These questions are designed to test your understanding of the information presented in each lesson. These questions that test the written content of each lesson will be 40% of the final mark.

2. Problems: Most lessons will have a problem or two for you to solve that involves HTML. These problems are worth 60% of the final mark. Note: This course is also available as two Lite Self-directed HTML courses - a 6 week introductory course and a 5 week advanced course.

course quick facts
course code DED245
cost $284.00
estimated time to
complete course
24 Hours
course materials
10 Weeks

Barbara I. Chick is an Internet Marketing Consultant, has owned and operated her own business online for the past six years. She has spent the past several years learning and developing her site through the "hard knocks" of what it means to be an online entrepreneur, combining past skills of academic research. Through this experience Ms. Chick has been working with Web positioning refining and teaching HTML basic and advanced classes.