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Welcome to the CSS Training Series
Cascading Style Sheets has become a vital element of today`s web pages. Follow along with Robb H. Tracy as he introduces you to the concepts of XHTML, Cascading, and setting and understanding property values for CSS rules. As the course progresses, Robb will instruct you in more advanced concepts such as floating elements, colors, advanced selectors and lists.

Course Instructor: Robb Tracy.

Robb H. Tracy has been immersed in the Information Technology industry since 1994. Robb has spent his entire career managing computer networks, building web sites, and teaching others how to do the same.

Robb began his career by attending Utah State University where he earned a Master`s Degree in Instructional Technology. Since graduation, Robb has worked for a variety computer hardware and software vendors building courseware and designing certification programs; including Novell`s Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) certification. In 2000, Robb served on CompTIA`s Network+ Advisory Committee where he helped define the objectives that comprise the CompTIA Network+ certification.

In 2002, Robb co-founded Nebo Technical Institute, Inc.; an Information Technology training development company. When he`s not working madly to meet the next deadline, Robb can be found floating on a high-mountain lake with a fishing pole in hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete the course?
The amount of time it takes to complete the course is dependent upon the time you are able to spend in study. The actual length of the video instruction is close to 12 hours. However to maximize the learning experience, that video instruction is broken into many smaller topic segments that tend to be 10-15 minutes in length.

Will I be able to work at my own pace?
Yes. The modular format of the instruction method allows you to proceed according to your own pace. Your personal schedule governs your completion time.

Are there any required books for the course?
No. the printable study guides are accessible from within each course segment and can be viewed online as well. These are included at no additional cost to you.

Can I assess what I have learned?
Yes. At the end of each self-paced unit, you will complete an assessment quiz. From there you will be able to determine if you understood the concepts or if you still need to review the materials further.

What are the advantages of taking this course online?
Always accessible...on demand...single login...easy to at your own pace...these are just a few of the many advantages.


After completing all six course levels, you will have gained a well-rounded education allowing you to...

  • Understand XHTML code
  • Set CSS rules
  • Program advanced elements for CSS


Evaluation of your performance will be based on...

  • Individual module quizzes which can be taken before or after the training section
  • Post quiz that assesses the combined topics covered within the complete courses level.

Completing a self-directed course: It will be your responsibility to access the course through your individual login, learn from the one-on-one instruction segments, and assess your level of retention with the post tests. All course materials will remain accessible online for the period of the subscription access. The printable study guides can be retained indefinitely as a means of refreshing your skills after a period of time.

course quick facts
course code DED282
cost $479.00
estimated time to
complete course
24 Hours
course materials
90 Days

Nathan Bryant has developed a number of online IT programs, and is a national corporate provider of Professional Grade Training (tm). Nathan's IT courses were created to aid individuals, businesses, and industry leaders who want to learn about CSS as well as a variety of other web design related issues.