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Titles and Records


Recording entails the placement of a document into the public record. This process is necessary because it allows sellers to guarantee potential buyers of a valid title conveyance by presenting records that reveal a clean and good title. The county clerk's office maintains the public record, which is comprised of libers. This is where individuals can file or access documents pertaining to real estate interests, conveyances, liens, encumbrances, etc.

In accordance with TREC rules Sections 535.71 and 535.72D, this module will cover how to record public documents and the importance of doing so. In addition, it will outline the priority that recorded documents hold, as well as why either constructive or actual notice is important and the difference between the two.


Upon completion of this module, students will be better equipped to assist customers and clients through the home-finding and marketing steps of the real estate transaction, as well as through closing.

In addition, students will understand why it is important to tell consumers to obtain abstracts and why they should have the abstracts reviewed by a licensed attorney.


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