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Fundamentals of Mortgage Lending


This course provides an introduction to residential real estate finance, Mortgage Lending Practice and intensive processing training in FHA, VA, FNMA, & FHLMC loans. The aim of this course is to strengthen a student's knowledge of real estate financial terminology as well as to develop practical understanding of the loan underwriting, borrowing and funding process.

You will learn the basics of the application, escrow, title, PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) and credit reports. Including: FICO, qualifying for loan amounts, and verifying income and assets.

You will learn how to calculate loan amounts, closing costs, affordable monthly payments, property taxes, hazard and mortgage insurances (Conventional and FHA), qualifying ratios and income.

This course also explains the theoretical aspects of financing, such as: sources of money for mortgages, the various types of mortgages based on payment structure and financial agreement, and the different kinds of loans available in the market.


Upon completion of this online mortgage lending course, students will have a well-rounded understanding of:

  • What are the important factors of Real Estate Market
  • What is the Monetary and Federal Reserve System
  • The Federal and State Laws Affecting Real Estate
  • The Mortgage Brokerage Requirements
  • The tools of Real Estate Finance
  • Mortgage Loan Programs and The Mortgage Markets
  • Fair Lending Basics
  • What are the Requirements of Processing real estate loan
  • How to calculate loan amounts, closing costs and Credit
  • Fundamentals of Mortgage Lending
  • The Mortgage MarketsFair Lending Basics
  • Types of Loans
  • Understanding Credit
  • Contemporary Real Estate
  • Forms and Documents


course quick facts
course code TRN7208
cost $70.00
estimated time to
complete course
7 Hours
course materials
365 Days