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Ethics for Title Professionals


In this course, the student will learn about the important role that ethics plays in the daily lives of title professionals. The student will learn to recognize ethical dilemmas in the workplace and to understand the steps in making an ethical decision.

During this course, the student will also be given the opportunity to practice applying their knowledge of ethical decision-making. The dilemmas that they will use to practice ethical decision-making are ones that title insurance professionals often have to address.

Studying and learning the ethical way to make decisions when faced with day-to-day dilemmas is of utmost importance in not only their professional but also their personal life. In the lessons, they will learn why this is so important and the steps to follow to ensure that the decision they make is the most ethical one for a particular situation.


Through study and practice with relevant ethical dilemmas, the student will expand his/her knowledge of ethical decision-making and his/her ability to make an ethical decision.


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