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Vehicle Selling Professional

Vehicle Selling Professional


In today's environment, the ability to sell cars, both new and used, is no longer a case of simply being able to tell a good story. Professional vehicle sales people need to learn skills to achieve improved results.

This course helps the participant to understand the steps taken in a successful sales process, and how to apply proven techniques to increase your profits.

This course covers topics such as:

  • Identifying and Generating Sales Opportunities
  • Conducting the Sales Negotiation
  • Progressing the Sale
  • Appraising and Valuing Used/Part Exchange Vehicles
  • Organization
  • Effective Working


Vehicle Selling Professional Diploma

Vehicle Selling Professional Diploma issued by Vehicle Selling Professional, entitling you to use the letters SAC Dip after your name.


After each lesson there will be a question paper, which needs to be completed and submitted to your personal tutor for marking. This method of continual assessment ensures that your personal tutor can consistently monitor your progress and provide you with assistance throughout the duration of the course.

course quick facts
course code DED9500
cost $306.00
estimated time to
complete course
980 Hours
course materials
365 Days