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Basic Electrical Training Certificate

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This program is excellent starting point for introducing electrical theory for cross training non-electrical employees or as a review for those technicians who have been away from the field for some time.

Training includes: Theory of AC generation, DC principles, explores circuits, inductors, capacitors resistance and electrical motor operations.

HVAC/R Electrical DC Theory Plus

Basic electrical theory such as Ohms Law, circuit schematic symbols, circuit characteristics, will be discussed as it specifically applies to DC & AC circuits in the HVAC/R industry. Six modules cover: Introduction to the industry, What is energy, Atomic theory, Basic circuits, Parallel circuits, Power.

HVAC/R Electrical AC Theory Plus

A continuation of the Electrical 111 course, concepts presented and discussed are oriented towards alternating current production and application, specifically to devices utilized in HVAC/R systems. Six modules cover: Magnetism, Alternating current, Loads, resistive and Inductive, Capacitors, Impedance and power distribution, Transformers.

HVAC/R Electrical Common Components

This course covers common control components found in HVAC/R systems. Presentations and examples are given for specific devices and their electrical sequence of operation in normal HVAC/R applications. Six modules cover: Control Methods, Temperature & Pressure, Residential Heat/Cool Thermostats @ Low Voltage, Really Good Relay Stuff, Contactors go / Starters go with protection, Power wiring, Odds and ends around a schematic.

HVAC/R Electrical Motors

This course is dedicated to common single- phase and small three-phase electric motors. Presentations focus on basic motor theory, common types of motors, starting components and protection devices. Six modules cover: Basic electric motor theory, Shaded pole & split-phase motors, CSIR & CSR motors, PSC & multiple speed motors, Dual voltage and variable-speed motors, Basic three-phase motors.

Mentor support along the way helps you understand difficult concepts.



course quick facts
course code PRO2012
cost $1095.00
estimated time to
complete course
96 Hours
course materials
182 Weeks