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Writers At Work: A Review for Professionals - Part I


This is the first of four review courses that together provide an in-depth review of grammar, punctuation, mechanics, sentence structure and style. Students may take the courses in sequence or pick and choose the courses that suit them.

Part I of the review covers the most basic aspects of good writing on the job: understanding good paragraph structure, understanding parts of sentences and speech, ensuring sentence completeness and conquering common problems with subjects, verbs, and pronouns. Readings and exercises will help reinforce their understanding of the concepts.The instructor will be available for tutoring.

Required Book: The Classic Guide to Better Writing: Step-by-Step Techniques and Exercises to Write Simply, Clearly and Correctly By Rudolf Flesch & Abraham H. Lass


Upon successful completion of the course:

1. The student will demonstrate the ability to identify and correctly use various parts of parts of speech.

2. The student will demonstrate an understanding of sentence completeness and an ability to recognize and revise fragments aand run-on sentences.

3. The student will demonstrate an ability to recognize and to correct common problems with subject - verb agreement and errors in using pronouns.

4. The student will understand the paragraph building blocks of main and supporting sentences.


Students will be assessed through self-test exercises.

course quick facts
course code DED250
cost $145.00
estimated time to
complete course
16 Hours
course materials
4 Weeks

A freelance writer with over 1000 published articles, Elsie Walker has written for a variety of national publications as well as Elsie writes for several New Jersey newspapers. Elsie is as well a technical writer who specializes in user guides and writers in the workplace. Her specialization within technical writing is taking information and translating it into easy-to-understand text for the layperson. She teaches a number of online courses in technical writing and writing certification.