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Technical Communication Industry Certificate - Mastery Level


Welcome to the Technical Communication Industry Certificate - Mastery Level

This is our most comprehensive program offering with exercises, activities, assignments, quizzes and deliverables that are geared exclusively towards technical communications. This course provides resources and information that will enable you to advance your skill set to a mastery level. We invite both experienced and novice technical communicators to enhance your skill set and become familiar with the concepts presented in this comprehensive program.

After completing all nine modules, you will have gained a well-rounded education allowing you to...

  • Perform effective audience and purpose analyzes for user-centered documents
  • Write specifically to fit your audience needs
  • Create powerful technical documents including descriptions, processes, instructions, and reports
  • Understand and Apply effectual principles of visual design to your documents
  • Define your personal philosophy of quality management in publications project development
  • Develop valuable information plans and content specifications
  • Estimate and Manage your documentation projects
  • Enroll today in this career track workforce education training industry certificate program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete the course?

Depending on the amount of time you devote to the program, it can be completed within 3 months or less. You may take as much time as you need up to 1 full year.

How is the program administered?

The entire program is delivered through our MyGATO Learning Management System (Get Anytime Training Online), available to you 24/7 from your own individual student login page that is provided when you sign up for the course. You can upload your assignments and take quizzes directly from the Website, and download the resources that are provided as part of the program.

Are there any required books for the course?

Yes, each section of three modules will use a different required companion book at a total cost of approximately $250. These books can be used as a valuable reference after the course has been completed.

Outside of tuition and book fees are there any other costs involved? Yes, you will need to make application for an Official Accredited University, Paper-Based Certificate once you have completed your course of study. The administrative fee is $39.00 Domestic, $49.00 International What are the advantages of taking this course online? Always accessible...on demand...single login...easy to at your own pace...these are just a few of the many advantages. What about Financing my course of study? Financing is available. A down payment of $350.00 with low monthly payments is all that is needed to get started.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to...

  • Display a solid understanding of the concepts utilized in the technical communication field
  • Write effective and efficient technical documents
  • Utilize visual design to enhance your documents and communicate complex data
  • Employ architectural and industry standards to give your documents a professional look
  • Communicate information that jumps from the page and grabs the attention of your readers
  • Understand the requirements, organization, and estimation needed for quality management of your documentation projects


Evaluation of your performance will be based on...

  • Individual module quizzes
  • Online practice exercises
  • Hands-on activities
  • Completed assignments
  • All other required deliverables

Grading a self-directed course:

It will be your responsibility to access the course through your individual login, perform the required activities and assignments, and submit your completed work by uploading documents to the Learning Management System. All coursework will need to be performed according to the guidelines stated in the course syllabus. A skilled senior level technical writing professional will review your submissions for technical accuracy, utilization of industry standards, and ensure you have achieved an in-depth understanding of the course objectives.

course quick facts
course code DED902
cost $1599.00
estimated time to
complete course
160 Hours
course materials
1 Years

Diane D'Amico has designed and developed curriculum for online courses in such areas as Technical Writing Certification. She formed a technical writing team that creates the entire documentation set (including technical reference guide, configuration manuals, and online help) for administrative software in the field of higher education and continued in that capacity as the lead technical writer and advisor for a number of national technical writing projects.