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Making Effective Screenshots: Saving Time, Increasing Impact


Making Efficient Screenshots: Saving Time, Increasing Impact

Screenshots are a powerful way to convey information quickly. We use screenshots to develop training sequences, illustrate documentation, develop GUI prototypes, support customers, and illustrate marketing brochures. But how can we take these screenshots efficiently, capturing what users need, modifying the images consistently, storing them for easy access, and placing them on our pages effectively?

As a beginning communication professional you learn a lot about important topics such as writing procedures, organizing content, and editing. But what about screenshots? How can you make sure you obtain good color quality? How do you balance file size against quality? How can you plan capture sessions to avoid doing a lot of rework later? How can you edit screenshots and place them in your manual or help pages?

This presentation gives you practical techniques, and strategies to improve your screen captures. You will learn how to:

  • Plan your capture sessions.
  • Take effective screenshots.
  • Edit screenshots to illustrate procedures.
  • Optimize your capture environment.
  • Place screenshots in your manual or help pages.
  • Pick an efficient capture tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete the course?

Depending on the amount of time you devote to this class, it can be completed very quickly. Count 1 day per module. There are 6 modules to work your way through. Depending on your pace, you can finish the class in 1 week, or in 6 weeks if you choose to do 1 module per week.

How is the program administered?

The entire program is delivered through our MyGATO Learning Management System (Get Anytime Training Online), available to you 24/7 from your own individual student login page that is provided when you sign up for the course. You can download the resources that are provided as part of the program, perform the practical exercises, and take quizzes directly from the Website.

Are there any required books for the course?


What are the advantages of taking this course online?

Always accessible...on demand...single login...easy to at your own pace...these are just a few of the many advantages.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to...

  • Take screenshots.
  • Adapt the captures to the target public.
  • Choose colordepth and file format according to your purpose.
  • Edit your screenshot so as to highlight important information, and include orientation cues.
  • Choose a documentation strategy.
  • Place captures in manuals and online documentation in a consistent and effective way.
  • Optimize your capture environment.
  • Pick the tool that suits your purpose.


Evaluation of your performance will be based on individual module quizzes.

Grading a self-directed course: It will be your responsibility to access the course through your individual login, and perform the required activities. All coursework will need to be performed according to the guidelines stated in the course syllabus.

course quick facts
course code DED284-G
cost $145.00
estimated time to
complete course
15 Hours
course materials
1 Weeks

Monika Duvinage currently works as freelance author and designer, developing software documentation, online help, websites, and e-learning modules. She lives in France, and works in an international environment, mostly on IT projects. She offers a variety of online courses in technical writing and screenshots in English, French, and German.