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Intermediate Technical Writing


This second course, Intermediate Technical Writing, in the technical-writing certificate introduces you to basic page design such as headings, lists, tables, notices, and highlighting. You`ll learn and be expected to use standard design, format, and style for these page-design elements in the documents you write for this course.

These are much the same standards as those used in the technical-publishing industry today. After you study the page-design units, you will write a set of instructions in which you use these guidelines and of course the general standards for good writing as well. You'll e-mail these instructions to your instructor who will review, comment on, and send them back to you by e-mail attachment. You`ll revise accordingly, e-mail your instructor with any questions or concerns that you have, and then e-mail your revisions back to your instructor. You'll follow the same process for the recommendation report.

The course is appropriate for people who have had some on-the-job experience as well as those who have taken Introduction to Technical Writing for Industry. Intermediate Technical Writing may be taken alone or as part of the sequence of courses leading to a certificate in technical writing.


Quizzes on headings, lists, notices, tables, and highlighting. Instructor review and acceptance of the instructions and recommendation report.

Activities will include readings, exercises, and quizzes on headings, lists, notices, tables, graphics, highlighting; and then readings, exercises, quizzes, and examples focused on instructions. Activities will also include writing and revising (as necessary) a set of instructions and a recommendation report that apply the standards for design, format, and style covered in the units on headings, lists, notices, tables, graphics, highlighting, and instructions.

Throughout the course students will receive in-depth feedback from the instructor on assignments and may discuss any issues related to technical writing with the instructor.


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • State good design practices for headings, lists, notices, graphics, tables, and highlighting.
  • Recognize common problems involving headings, lists, notices, graphics, tables, and highlighting.
  • Use standard design, format, and style of headings, lists, notices, graphics, tables, and highlighting in their writing projects.
  • State the common design and structure of written instructions and for recommendation reports.
  • Use headings, lists, notices, graphics, tables, and highlighting effectively in written instructions.
  • Perform audience and task analyses in preparation to write instructions.
  • Create instructions that focus on reader tasks, that explain actions clearly and that use an effective design enabling readers to accomplish their tasks.

course quick facts
course code DED234
cost $335.00
estimated time to
complete course
30 Hours
course materials
6 Weeks

David McMurrey earned Ph.D. in comparative literature, and has been teaching technical writing since 1978. He has published three textbooks on writing and technical writing, and worked over 11 years as writer/editor for IBM in new products areas. McMurrey offers online courses and certificates in technical writing.


"Taking this course gave me more confidence in writing procedures and recommendation reports for my company." - Susan Culbreath

"I appreciate the flexible dates on course completion. This course was hard to work in with my current job (manufacturing supervisor) which can have odd work hours and unexpected work load. Thanks for understanding." - Shawnray Huffman

"I`m much more competent in my job as a result of this course." - Jeffery Williams

"I am sure my overall technical writing ability has increased greatly. David is a great teacher and really knows this information." - Anita Weld

"I want to take additional courses on this subject with Professor McMurrey. David is an excellent teacher. He provides the knowledge and skills students need, and he is concerned about his students. He is also very responsive to students needs. I feel fortunate to have taken a class with him. I will take additional courses on this subject. " - L. Wolin