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How To Master Business Writing


PIN code provided for this course allows unlimited on-line access for 90 days. This course provides students with a review of the skills needed to write effective letters, memos, minutes, proposals, reports, and press releases. It also reviews basic spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules. It teaches students the importance of pre-writing activities, such as audience analysis, brainstorming, outlining, and first drafts.

It covers sentence and word choice so the students will be able to determine the most effective and appropriate words and sentence lengths. The course warns the students of common pitfalls, such as wordiness, cliches, active vs. passive voice, misplaced modifiers, and formal vs. informal tone. These skills are taught by using text, examples, exercises, and quizzes.


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create letters, memos, minutes, proposals, and press releases
  • Use correct spelling and grammar in a document
  • Practice pre-writing exercises
  • Choose words carefully
  • Avoid common writing pitfalls


Student performance is assessed by cumulative training time, number of lessons completed and, where tests are available, the percent correct. Many courses also have a pre- and post-test where the pre-test will automatically assign only the lessons needed to achieve course mastery.

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cost $40.00
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24 Hours
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