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Manifesting 103: How to Get What You Want w/o Goofing it Up First !


Manifesting 103 the third and final installment of the Manifesting Series by Susan James, introduces to the student the Mechanics of Desire and from where it begins. Also addressed is the question, if we desire it, how can we manifest it ?

The ego plays an important role in this evolving stage of manifesting. It is here that the defining line between the known and the unknown is addressed, and how what we sometimes view as blocks is really the ego, saying Stop!

As we all continue to evolve we begin to understand, that there is no set pattern or equation, as we are often taught through human conditioning, as to how we arrive at our intended end result desires. Understanding this principle helps us with our momentum and saves us time and what we know as struggle and effort.

Mastering One's self and the role of Imagination as our connection to our higher more intelligent selves rounds out this 3 part series, giving the student the tools, and applications to move them forward in livelihood and lifestyle, should that be of their choosing.


  • Students will be given a simple quiz in objective terms to evaluate from a higher energy place versus a lower energy place of how they have evolved during this four week session.
  • Students will be asked to write a new intention based on what transformed for them during the 4 week course. (This can be applied to any aspect of life)
  • A multiple choice assessment, helping to make clear the students evolving during this period rounds out the assess- ment portion.


Upon Completion of Manifesting 103 the Student:

  • Will have an understanding of the source of desire, and how to honor all that shows up with that space.
  • Has an understanding of the ego's role in stopping us, and why this happens.
  • Will have an understanding of why focusing on the end result brings the manifestation more quickly than focusing on the How.
  • Defines end result in a way that is clear.
  • Shows some shift in knowing the concept of Mastering one's self, and how that is applied to manifesting the life experience in desired choices.
  • Review of various tools and skills to fine tune the success on one's journey of manifesting a life of grace, beauty, fun affection and abundance; all inclusive of the students overall intentions.
  • course quick facts
    course code DED215-C
    cost $69.00
    estimated time to
    complete course
    12 Hours
    course materials
    4 Weeks

    Susan James is the Creator/Author of "Manifesting 101: Essays & Tools," which is a guide that provides platforms for helping its students in moving their consciousness higher, in order to raise the consciousness of the planet. Susan James writes as she runs her life, from her heart. James has produced & continues to develop a number of online courses and texts, including: "Manifesting 101," "Quantum Manifesting," "Manifesting Methods for Business & Livelihood," and "The Manifesting Games."

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