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Manifesting 102: How to Get What You Want w/o Goofing it Up First !


As this 2nd offering in the Manifesting Series continues, the student now sees how energy is formed on purpose and how to use this new knowledge so that it shows in one`s experience.

It is as this point, that the students commitment level and trust in themselves will become evident, but a necessary point as one sees the ego`s role in this endeavor.

The student will have some new choices that appear, and then will choose from the gentle nudging of their spirit selves or the predictable behavior of the ego. Recognizing the difference between the two, allows for more ease in manifesting.

Also, discussed in this section is manifesting the valuable resource of money and the energy around that; how to see it and how to use it.

The completion of this section then moves the student easily over into the 3rd in the series, Manifesting 103, where the Mechanics of Desire as intentions & goals are discussed.


  • Students will be given a simple quiz in objective terms to evaluate from a higher energy place versus a lower energy place of how they have evolved during this four week session.
  • Students will be asked to write a new intention based on what transformed for them during the 4 week course. (This can be applied to any aspect of life)
  • A multiple choice assessment, helping to make clear the students evolving during this period rounds out the assessment portion.


Upon Completion of Manifesting 102 the student:

  • Will understand what fearful, insecure and doubtful moments really are, and how to see them from an energy standpoint versus an emotional one.
  • Develop an understanding of the differences between lower energy and higher energy, and how one manifests with momentum from a higher energy place.
  • Further understanding of the importance of Clarity in stating one's desires, so that the desire is matched with what the student thinks they are asking for.
  • Will begin to see and notice when they fall out of alignment with what they say they are asking for, and what to do about it.
  • Will develop an understanding of money as a resource, how to manifest it from the aspect of it being a resource and how to ask for it, with clarity.
  • At this point, the student if not already will become aware of the larger aspects of themselves and how to use this larger aspect for manifesting a life experience of one`s choosing versus one not chosen. There is a pure energy to be tapped into from this point, and the student is now receiving some insight on their own in this area.

course quick facts
course code DED215-B
cost $69.00
estimated time to
complete course
12 Hours
course materials
4 Weeks

Susan James is the Creator/Author of "Manifesting 101: Essays & Tools," which is a guide that provides platforms for helping its students in moving their consciousness higher, in order to raise the consciousness of the planet. Susan James writes as she runs her life, from her heart. James has produced & continues to develop a number of online courses and texts, including: "Manifesting 101," "Quantum Manifesting," "Manifesting Methods for Business & Livelihood," and "The Manifesting Games."

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