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The Internet - Applying the Basics to your Business


Module 1. Introduction to the Internet

In this module, the basics of starting out on the Internet are explained,especially for those participants who have never used a computer before. It is user friendly and in easy to understand language, so it is not confusing to the participants. The basic language of what the Internet is, what are search engines, where did the Internet originate, what are keywords, etc.

Module 2. Simple Techniques for Searching

In this module, techniques for searching with tips and making your queries using Boolean language, simple words or stringing words together are outlined and explained. The search engines are explained in detail and how they are used for a search.

Module 3. Business Research

In this module, there is a detailed explanation on how to do effective business research. Gathering data on other companiesí backgrounds, competitive intelligence, market studies, sales prospecting, stocks and investment research, suppliers, and making new contacts. The participants do a practical exercise so that they understand what they have been taught and will be able to apply it to their own research needs. There will also be an opportunity for each participant to setup an Email account for those that do not have computer access at home.


The participant's assessment will be based on assignments which will be completed at the end of each week.


Target Group:

The Internet - Applying the Basics to your Business has been designed to accommodate small business owners in the community but does not need to be exclusive to that sector.

Course Structure:

This course is organized in three (3) modules. Each module is sectioned in such way for open discussion and practical experience. Problem solving is the main objective throughout the 3 modules to assist each participant in working through their problems and frustrations that they have encountered by searching the Internet.

There will also be an exercise of an example of a search in which the participant can perform. This will assist them in learning firsthand how to do a search. An Email account will also be setup for each participant.

course quick facts
course code DED505
cost $145.00
estimated time to
complete course
20 Hours
course materials
3 Weeks

Heather McKinnon has been a small business owner for the past three years in the field of Information Research. She has numerous clients worldwide depending on her extensive researching skills to find them exactly what they are looking for. She has a strong interest in Information Technology and using those skills she has learned to help benefit others. Heather is currently the IT Field Rep for the Nova Scotia Information Technology Human Resource Sector Council acting as a liaison/resource between business owners and potential IT work candidates.