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Winning Over Difficult Customers


Concerns, objections and difficulties in customers come in a variety of styles. They might be uncertain, angry, clammed up or just plain rude. If you and your customer could read each other`s mind there would likely be none or at least few of these encounters. The reality is your customer has previous buying experiences that influence their experience with you.

Plan for these times; they are actually customers asking questions, call for more information and acting in ways that satisfy their own needs. Seek out the reasons for our interpersonal difficulties and what makes people different. Have a framework for identifying the different roles that people assume when they are being "difficult."


At the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Have a different perspective of interpersonal relationships.
  • Understand that people are more different than they are difficult
  • Have more strategies to communicate better with all types of people
  • Better adapt to others creating better relationships, both personally and professionally
  • Have more options to handle difficult situations
  • Notice increased business success


At the end of this course the students will receive an exam of true/false questions to determine their comprehension of the material covered.

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10 Hours
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1 Weeks

Patricia Weber combines education and 22 years of practical sales and management experience to deliver meaningful results in any presentation mode. She is a trainer, coach, certified teleclass leader and published author. Ms. Weber has published dozens of articles in an assortment of professional and industry journals, and she produces an online newsletter with tips for selling and customer service. Her energetic, positive approach fuels the ideas, insights and strategies you will hear and learn about.