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Selling With an Unfair Advantage: No Lying, Cheating or Deception


Everyone sells something whether products, services or ideas. This program provides anyone in a position of influence, including individual entrepreneurs and small business owners, a wealth of ideas, strategies, models and techniques that help the customer to make a quality buying decision.

Here you will have 5 sessions which cover these ideas. There will be discussion on strengthening your self-confidence and motivation; the selling approach to your prospects way of buying; skills for physical, vocal and language effectiveness; how to find and reach prospects; gaining and maintaining rapport; the art of asking questions for clarifying needs; relating features and benefits to the customer context; how to listen and what to listen for; recognizing and handling objections; then when, how and what`s of getting action. The new millennium is complex and different. To prosper requires a fresh approach to selling. This program clearly reveals what you and your salespeople can do right now to help your customers buy more from you.

You can go through the 5 sessions in about 2 hours each. Each session has a presentation, an action item for you to do on your own, an assessment and a discussion board for you to ask questions and share ideas. You`ll receive each session about 1 week apart.

It is highly recommended to have the 2 online chat sessions the instructor recommends about 1/3 and then 2/3s through the course.


At the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish a buyer-focused approach from a seller-based approach
  • Identify and apply techniques that develop rapport
  • Describe and demonstrate effective questioning skills
  • Learn and practice a 6 step active listening plan
  • Recognize and employ at least 4 ways to overcome objections
  • Identify customer style preferences and the differences in guiding them through the decision making process
  • Appraise goal achieving ability
  • Understand natural approaches to get a decision
  • Increase self-awareness of selling strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Apply a greater range of the selling process strategies
  • Create an action plan to make your organization achieve concrete results in winning customers


    At the end of each session is an assessment consisting of true/false, multiple choice and short answer questions to determine the comprehension of the material covered.

course quick facts
course code DED514
cost $49.00
estimated time to
complete course
15 Hours
course materials
5 Weeks

Patricia Weber combines education and 22 years of practical sales and management experience to deliver meaningful results in any presentation mode. She is a trainer, coach, certified teleclass leader and published author. Ms. Weber has published dozens of articles in an assortment of professional and industry journals, and she produces an online newsletter with tips for selling and customer service. Her energetic, positive approach fuels the ideas, insights and strategies you will hear and learn about.