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How to Ask The Right Questions To Maximize Influence And Minimize Objections


More important than what you say is what you ask. People believe their answers to questions more often than they believe you. When you invest your time by maintaining a relaxed, inquisitiveness early on, you save time later. People give you the information you need to maximize your influence. By using preplanned and deliberate questions, you can better direct your answers to show a customer how your product or service is the best fit for them. Your customer has previous buying experiences where he or she has formed doubts and concerns. Concerns or objections are natural in sales

Be ready to recognize objections and allow them to be a way for you to demonstrate how what you have to offer can reduce or relieve the concern. Without questions you may be talking to a general audience and minimize your ability to make a sale. Know the variety of questions at your command put them into use. It's a delicate balance of getting the client to be specific, when we may be purposefully vague with our questions.

It means applying the Pareto Law:80% of the time the seller should be listening and 20% of the time the seller should be talking. And when talking the seller connects what's important from the customer's perspective to the product, service or idea.


Key points are:

  • How to know when to ask for what
  • 5 levels of questions
  • An awareness of what causes objections
  • Manage different objections, including "Your price is too high"
  • 4 steps to handle objections
  • The psychology of why people buy
  • Better understand the real reason people buy.


A short assessment will determine your understanding of the points covered.

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Patricia Weber combines education and 22 years of practical sales and management experience to deliver meaningful results in any presentation mode. She is a trainer, coach, certified teleclass leader and published author. Ms. Weber has published dozens of articles in an assortment of professional and industry journals, and she produces an online newsletter with tips for selling and customer service. Her energetic, positive approach fuels the ideas, insights and strategies you will hear and learn about.