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Boost Your Self-Confidence And Enjoy Selling Success


Selling success is part product and industry knowledge, part people and communication skills and part attitude and perspective. Strengthen your self-image, set and achieve goals that reach your company`s and your own expectations and reinforce your self-motivation to take control of what you can to reach your goals. Understand the importance of your own attitude and self-confidence in the selling process and how to use this to help your customer to buy.

Highly recommend scheduling online chats between sessions, about 15 to 30 minutes, to reinforce points and address any specific issues. Use either MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger.


A short assessment will determine your understanding of the points covered.


Among the key points that will be covered are:

  • How does your attitude affect your sales success?
  • What key factors fuel your attitude?
  • How does thinking about the sales process from both the seller and buyer side affect your attitude?
  • What might myths of selling do to affect your sales?
  • What skills are necessary in today's buyer�s market?
  • What kind of goals do you have to ensure your success?

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cost $49.00
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5 Hours
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1 Weeks

Patricia Weber combines education and 22 years of practical sales and management experience to deliver meaningful results in any presentation mode. She is a trainer, coach, certified teleclass leader and published author. Ms. Weber has published dozens of articles in an assortment of professional and industry journals, and she produces an online newsletter with tips for selling and customer service. Her energetic, positive approach fuels the ideas, insights and strategies you will hear and learn about.