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Wind Energy Technology

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This course is designed to be a complete self-standing learning experience. It includes all of the required mathematics, physics, basic technology, and specific technology elements. It consists of a number of modules, each of which has its own projected learning outcomes.


After completing all of the modules, a student will be able to:

  • Understand and explain the basic physics and mathematical concepts related to scope of this course.
  • Understand and explain general safety issues and procedures, as well as those related specifically to electricity.
  • Understand and explain how industrial heat exchangers work.
  • Understand and explain importance of lubrication and how good lubrication is achieved for industrial equipment.
  • Understand and explain basic concepts related to electricity.
  • Understand and explain how industrial valves work.
  • Understand and explain how industrial compressors work.
  • Understand and explain how process instrumentation and automatic control systems work.
  • Understand and explain how industrial pumps work.
  • Understand and explain the nature of wind energy
  • Understand and explain how kinetic energy from wind is converted into mechanical energy, and then into electrical energy.
  • Understand and explain basic aerodynamic concepts related to wind turbine generators (WTGs)
  • Understand and explain the nature and function of subsystems associated with wind turbine generators.
  • Understand and explain how electrical and control systems associated with wind turbine generators work.
  • Understand and explain key elements that need to be considered for development of new wind energy projects.


The course consists of a number of modules. The student is expected to complete each of the modules and pass its associated test - each module has its own test.

Usually a student should be able complete a module after accessing it two or three times. However, to provide additional flexibility the system allows a student to access each of the modules 15 times. Once you access a module you can work on it for a long time, there is no limit on how many times a student repeats the learning material. However, the system detects and terminates idle computers. Depending upon a student's Internet connection, an idle time of 10 minutes or so is sufficient to terminate the connection.

Each of the modules contains a test, which students can access after they have been through a significant portion of the learning material. Pass Mark: 80%

It is expected that a student will take a test only once, after going through the learning material. However, to allow for Internet communication problems the system allows three accesses to each of the tests. In cases where a student takes a test more than one time, the system records the highest score.

course quick facts
course code PRO1276
cost $115.00
estimated time to
complete course
400 Hours
course materials
365 Days

Instructor-supported: On-line help is available to students. For help send email to - our instructors usually respond within one working day to student queries. Students are encouraged to take a free sample course from our website to ensure their PC computer hardware works adequately with our programs.