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Choosing a Renewable Energy Installer


With the amount of money you're spending on a solar or wind energy system, make sure you do it right. Once you've made the decision to install either a solar or wind renewable energy system, what are the important questions to ask potential installers? This online renewable energy course starts from the beginning by helping you locate installers, and discusses important considerations and characteristics to look for. Also, we will walk you through some of the installation considerations, including what you can do to help.

Numerous resources are provided for students to locate installers, and these are built into the class as activities. Student has access for 30 days but may complete the course sooner.

This class presumes familiarity with different renewable energy technologies and costs. For information on which application works best for your needs and thorough considerations of costs and economics, please view our other offerings.


The class is broken down into the following subject areas.

Choosing An Installer

  • Finding potential contractors
  • Characteristics of quality contractors
    • Communication
    • Credentials
    • Creativity
    • Competency
    • Caring
  • Site assessments
  • Reviewing estimates

Keys to A Successful Installation

  • Preparing for installation
  • Helping the contractor
  • What to expect during installation
  • Building materials delivery and storage
  • Permits, payment, and paperwork
  • Maintenance issues


At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Recognize characteristics of quality renewable energy contractors
  • Interview potential renewable energy contractors
  • Identify ways you can help make the installation go smoothly


This course has a brief quiz the student must pass to demonstrate their understanding of the material.

course quick facts
course code DED5020
cost $19.00
estimated time to
complete course
1 Hours
course materials
60 Days