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Significantly Increase the Value of Any Property--Instructor-Led


Significantly Increase the Value of Any Property--Instructor-Led

A Trump IACET Accredited Course

This course is about creating value in investment properties through the application of simple entrepreneurial principles. As with any business opportunity, the potential for profitability in real estate is connected to an ability to identify and capitalize on market segments that have stronger demand. This course will show you how to identify these rental opportunities and to structure the whole rental property experience such that you enjoy higher returns and less tenant turnover.

The course is structured around a "Learning by Doing" approach, which means you will work within a fictional scenario on a series of assignments designed to reflect real-world problems. You`ll play the role of a beginning real estate investor who is working with your fictional Uncle Max, who has given you a rental property to manage. The improvement plan you come up with should be designed to maximize your return on investment.

The course takes place in the fictional city of Empire City. You have access to many of the same resources in Empire City that you would use in your own city: real estate web sites, property listings, government websites, neighborhood descriptions and message boards, newspaper articles, and more. Empire City is not intended to reflect any city in particular; amounts such as home prices, rents, and repair costs vary according to region. The principles that you learn here, however, apply to any location.

Enroll in this online course if you:
  • Desire maximum resale value for your property
  • Demand renters who will pay more
  • Want to increase your real estate skillset


This course will teach you the following key components of real estate investing:

  1. Learn to choose the RIGHT target renters for your property and identify the features they will pay for
  2. Develop an improvement plan to spend every dollar wisely
  3. Determine the value of improved property and set your rent appropriately
  4. Learn how you can improve a neighborhood to increase the value of your properties
  5. Learn to calculate project costs and benefits to maximize the return on investment


    Assessment is based upon satisfactory completion of four assignments with a total estimated completion time of 12 - 15 hours. Upon successful completion of these assignments, the student will gain a deep knowledge base of several techniques to increase their properties' value and receive a certificate of completion signed by Gary Eldred.

course quick facts
course code DED2612
cost $995.00
estimated time to
complete course
15 Hours
course materials
90 Days