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Property Management

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Allied's Online Professional Property Management Course includes 45 hours of education to provide you with a strong foundation in the basics of property management and give you the practical skills to start your career as a qua0lified professional. With 16 lessons to teach and reinforce important concepts, you will receive the knowledge to succeed in your career. The final exam is open book and does not require a proctor.

You will receive the following materials with your course - simply open your box and get started! The quizzes and final exam will be completed 100% online. There will be 16 quizzes and one final exam. The final exam requires a proctor - call for details.

  • Property Management -- This comprehensive textbook introduces you to the field of property management and covers all of the relevant topics you need to know including:

    • The Economics of Property Management
    • Property Analysis
    • Marketing
    • Leases/Tenant Relations
    • Apartment Management: Operations and Procedures
    • Systems and Reports
    • Managing Commercial Property
    • Current Issues in Hotel/Motel Management
    • Legal Issues in Property Management

  • The Landlord's Troubleshooter - This helpful textbook teaches you how to be an effective landlord. Learn how to handle yourself in different situations and know exactly what to say, from writing effective letters to communicating face to face.
  • Plan English Real Estate Dictionary - This valuable guide helps you understand the complexities of the real estate language. Use it to look up the words that you need to know.
  • Property management software demo - This hands-on software by RentRight gives you the tools to successfully navigate property management software. Apply these skills to your new career - from managing payments to creating invoices.
  • Real Estate Math Tutor - This tutorial will help you understand real estate math - from completing basic problems to mastering complex calculations.
  • Flash cards - These handy cards help reinforce the material you learn in the course, so you can ace your quizzes and final exam.

The Convenience of Distance Education

Allied's Property Management Course combines traditional correspondence and online learning to provide you with the most convenient and effective way to learn. You will receive all of the above course materials through the mail, and then complete course quizzes and tests online. An Internet connection is required to complete this course. Learn on your own time, according to your own schedule - and realize your goals of becoming a professional property manager.


National Association Membership

You will receive a one-year membership to the International Real Estate Institute (IREI) when you successfully complete your course - at no additional cost to you! Enjoy a professional advantage with membership to the leading real estate association. You will have access to membership benefits, up-to-date news and information and a great networking tool for your property management career. Click here for more information!


An open book finial exam

course quick facts
course code DED10023
cost $630.20
estimated time to
complete course
100 Hours
course materials
180 Days

"I have never received anything so fast in my life. I ordered the materials oniline one day and got it the next!! Thank you. The course materials were easy to follow and the quizzes really helped."
Alex Espinosa, Santa Maria, CA

"Far aside from other schools, Allied far surpasses in the materials used for training. I learned so much about this field. In addition, I will further my education with Allied once again."
John Noll, Fresno, CA

"I decided to take the course as I have always rented and never really understood the actual laws regarding landlord/tenants rights. It was very informative as well as educational. In the future I plan to purchase real estate as an investment. I was surprised at how much I learned from this course. Actually I am going to continue with other courses in real estate. It nice working at my own pace and doing all of my tests online is wonderful!"
Holly Templin


So why choose this online course?

Allied Schools is the premier online real estate school chosen in the USA by students who are seeking a quality real estate education for the money. With over 825,000 students nationwide and more than 15 years successfully teaching students for successful long term careers in real estate you can be assured you have a friend and partner in your education.

Allied is nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). The DETC is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally-recognized accrediting agency.

Online Property Management Course

Live Student Support - Receive personalized one-on-one student support by email, phone, or fax.

Job Assistance Available - Get help with creating a real estate resume and explore programs to place in a job once you graduate.

Allied Alumni Rewards Program - Alumni receive discounts on additional courses, supplies, computers and other items.

Military and Vocational Rehabilitation - Obtain active duty Tuition Assistance that covers 100% the cost of the online real estate course of your choosing. You spouse can also enroll in one of the courses at no charge! If you are injured, disabled worker or veteran you are eligible for career training with Allied.