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Senior Professional In Supply Management (SPSM) Certification Program


Are you tired of not getting enough opportunities, respect, and money out of your purchasing career? Well, guess what? Nothing will change unless you take action towards becoming a world-class purchasing professional.

You see, today's employers refuse to reward employees for yesterday's skills. They demand that purchasing professionals like you use the most modern skills and achieve unprecedented results. They want you to save more money, achieve better operational performance, and reduce risk.

So how can you acquire the most modern skills, achieve meaningful results, and convincingly prove your capabilities to today's employers? There is an impressive purchasing certification that communicates that you are supremely qualified for achieving success. It is the Senior Professional in Supply Management(SPSM) Certification.

Earning your SPSMSM Certification is the action to take if you want to bring the most modern purchasing practices into your organization and achieve your career potential. From reverse auctions and e-Procurement to strategic sourcing to improving supplier performance and more, you'll learn exactly how to deliver results for your employer. And when you make your employer more successful, your own career success is likely to follow!

Earning your SPSM Certification is a three-step process. Here are the three steps...

Step #1: Complete the six highly personal and interactive online classes of the SPSM Certification Program. You earn 44 Continuing Education Hours (CEH`s) by successfully completing the following online classes, in this order:

Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals (6.5 CEHs)

  • Microsoft Excel For Purchasing Professionals (7 CEHs)
  • Supply Management Contract Writing (7.5 CEHs)
  • Microsoft Project For Purchasing Professionals* (8 CEHs)
  • 14 Purchasing Best Practices (8 CEHs)
  • Savings Strategy Development (7 CEHs)

    Step #2: Take the SPSM Exam. This online exam consists of 90 challenging questions covering material from the six aforementioned online classes. These questions comprehensively test your ability to apply skills to situations that you may face in your purchasing job. And, again, you take it online meaning that you DO NOT have to travel to a testing facility. You can take the exam from anywhere that you have access to a computer connected to the Internet.

    Step #3: Submit Your Purchasing Certification Application. The application helps you compile all of the documentation necessary to earn your SPSM Certification. You don't need to work on this application until you've passed the SPSM Exam.

    You will receive a certificate of completion as you successful complete each of the six required classes. Following successful completion of the SPSM Certification Exam you will receive your Senior Profession In Supply Management certificate and an engraved glass award.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I be able to work at my own pace? Yes.

    The online format of the instruction method allows you to proceed according to your own pace. Your personal schedule governs your completion time. The material is available on demand online.

    Are there any required books for the course?

    No. The courses are completely online and you will also receive a printer-friendly version of the courses. This are included at no additional cost to you.

    Can I assess what I have learned?

    Yes. Each lesson in each course has a review quiz. From there you will be able to determine if you understood the concepts or if you still need to review the materials further. You will need to score 70% or higher overall quiz score to successfully complete the course. You will need to successfully complete all six courses before scheduling your SPSM exam.


    How will you benefit by earning this purchasing certification?

    • You get real-world skills and strategies that will help you perform better in the workplace right away!
    • You will join an elite group of purchasing professionals who are reporting that the SPSM Certification has helped them get large pay increases, great performance evaluations, and promotions!
    • You can demonstrate to your employer how committed you are to being the best at what you do!
    • You can use the SPSM credentials after your name, increasing the respect you'll earn from your management, co-workers, and peers!
    • You will qualify for the type of high-paying jobs that prestigious employers advertise on our site!
    • You get personalized, expert support to ensure that you can successfully apply what you learn for measurable results!
    • You earn your purchasing certification entirely online - you can complete the whole program whenever and wherever you want!


    Evaluation of your performance will be based on...

    1. Eight (8) Individual lesson quizzes consisting of 5 questions each for a total of 40 questions for each of the six courses. You must earn a 70% (or 28 out of 40) questions correctly in order to successfully pass each course.

    2. SPSM Certification Exam consisting of 90 questions that must be answered during a 90 minute time limit.

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