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Pharmacy Technician Career Training Program


Because of the widespread use of medication, Pharmacy Technicians have never been more in demand and the field will continue to grow in the years to come. As a Pharmacy Technician, you will assist the Pharmacist with direct and indirect patient care and assist in the day-to-day operations required to run a pharmacy.

Depending on your practice setting, you may fill prescriptions, compound IV's, compound creams and ointments, assist patients with their medical needs, correspond with physicians and nursing staff to assist with patient care, maintain inventories of medications, maintain patient medication profiles, etc. The types of work you can perform and how much you can earn will depend on the state in which you choose to work and whether you are allowed to work as a registered or certified pharmacy technician.

You will complete Four 5-week modules of study. This means you will complete the program in 20 weeks!

  • Module I (5Weeks)
  • Module II (5 Weeks)
  • Module III (5Weeks)
  • Module IV (5weeks)

How long to complete the program? It will take 20 Weeks to complete the Program

All weekly assignments are completed on-line and the quick checks are instantly graded. Your will receive the module quizzes and final exam from your instructor. Once completed you will submit these for grading.

Your instructor is always available by email to answer your questions. Questions will be answered within 24 hours 7 days a week.


Module One

  • Pharmacology I
  • Medical Terminology with Human Anatomy I
  • Calculations / Abbreviations
  • Drug Classification and Formulations
  • Pharmacy Governance
  • Pharmacy Practice
  • Module Quiz

Module Two

  • Pharmacology II
  • Medical Terminology with Human Anatomy II
  • Prescription Dispensing
  • Over-The-Counter Products
  • Introduction to Computer Systems and
  • Module Quiz

Module Three

  • Pharmacology III
  • Medical Terminology with Human Anatomy III
  • Interacting with Patients
  • Assisting the Pharmacist
  • Non-Sterile and Sterile Compounding
  • Module Quiz

Module Four

  • Pharmacology III
  • Medical Terminology with Human Anatomy IV
  • Insurance Processing
  • Inventory Control
  • Drug Storage, Recalls and Thefts
  • Quality Assurance
  • Final Exam


Upon Completion

As a Pharmacy Technician, you will have more career opportunities than you can imagine! Here are just a few of the opportunities and practice settings available to Pharmacy Technicians. No matter who you are, you can find the perfect practice setting for your individual tastes and preferences.

  • Chain Retail Pharmacies - You can work in a large retail facility with stores all across the country. These technicians have a lot of patient interaction and work very closely with pharmacists and doctor's offices. These pharmacies will keep you busy filling prescriptions, obtaining refills for your patients and maintaining your patient' medication histories and profiles. The benefit packages are usually very generous with paid vacations, opportunities for overtime and health insurance.
  • Independent Retail Pharmacy - These are small, independently owned pharmacies. If you like patient interaction, this may be the practice setting for you. Chances are, you will not be as busy as you would in a chain, retail setting, which gives you the opportunity to get to know your patients on a first name basis! You may also have the opportunity for such specialties as compounding or packaging for home health care facilities.
  • Out-Patient Hospital Pharmacy - This setting is similar to a retail pharmacy setting because the technicians have a lot of direct patient interaction and spend a lot of time filling prescriptions. These technicians fill prescriptions for patients that are going home from the hospital. Often, they will fill prescriptions for the employees of the hospital, as well. Because these technicians work within a hospital, there are often opportunities to become cross-trained in the In-Patient Pharmacy, within the hospital.
  • Hospital Pharmacy - You may want to work in a hospital pharmacy. You will not have much patient interaction, rather, your contact will be primarily with pharmacists, doctors and nurses. There are typically many technician positions within a hospital and technicians are generally cross-trained in most of these positions. In smaller hospitals, these tasks may all be performed by a handful of technicians and in larger facilities each position may be the responsibility of one or two technicians.


Evaluation of student performance will be based upon the following criteria:

  • Weekly homework assignments = 1/3 of subject grade
  • Weekly quizzes = 1/3 of subject grade
  • Final exams = 1/3 of subject grade.

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160 Hours
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20 Weeks

Pamela Hardin is a Certified Clinical Research Professional, SoCRA Certified Radiographer, SCRQSA Certified Densitometry Technologist-ISCD / SCRQSA Certified Medical Assistant, AAMA Certified Allied Health Instructor, and AMT. She is currently the Clinical Supervisor of an Infusion Center and a certified IV Therapy Technician preparing and administering IV therapy medications. I have 25+ years working in the clinical setting, and been taught various health courses, which include: Pharmacy Technician and Pharmacy Technician National Certification Exam Preparation.


"This course exceeded my expectations. I was not prepared for the amount of knowledge that I have gained." - Susan Layman

"This online pharmacy technician course is excellent. Better than what I expected. It`s worth my money! Before I enrolled I was worried that I might not be learning as much as I should. However, not anymore! My professor is able to expand my ideas further, and I must say I really admire that creativity he has in him. A professional indeed. " - Karen Pris

"This was my first experience with an on-line class, but Andrea was very patient in responding to my questions and guiding me through the process." - Mollie Calvert

"Over all I am happily surprised with this program. I know, without a doubt, I now understand pharmacy calculations, before I was terrified of math. Now I feel very confident in my math abilities!" - Cristy Jackson

"This course exceeded my expectations. My instructor was very flexible and willing to go the extra mile to help in any situation! My knowledge into the medical field has increased greatly!" - Kimberly Webb