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Ethics and the Law


Attorneys and paralegals need to engage in ethical behavior, because of the duties they owe to their clients and to the legal system. They have access to clients` information or property or to information disclosed with an expectation of confidentiality. Therefore, attorneys and paralegals need to appreciate the degree to which they have a duty to act so as best to serve a client`s interests and to advance the interests of justice.

For this Basic Completion course, students have 24/7 access to on-line testing materials. Each chapter of text in a course has twenty questions, multiple choice, true-false or a combination thereof. Students may query the instructor up to three times, via e-mail, regarding course content. For the Advanced Completion course enrollment, students have unlimited access to the instructor via e-mail.

TEXT: Paralegal Ethics, by Angela Schneeman. West Legal Studies, Thomson Learning, 2000. ISBN: 07-6680-9498


After having completed this course, students will have:

  • Discovered the ethical considerations involved with legal activity
  • Seen that lawyers` obligations include representing the client zealously, keeping discussions confidential, and maintain accurate records for clients` funds
  • Discover what is involved in being able to practice the law
  • See what limitations exist on lawyer advertising and solicitation


Students will complete open-book multiple choice exams on each chapter of material in the course (where the course consists of 10 chapters of material). Students may query the instructor up to three times, via e-mail, regarding course content.

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cost $159.00
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24 Hours
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6 Weeks

George Guay is a member of the Massachusetts Bar, and has spent the last decade teaching a variety of online law courses that cover topics such as, Business Organizations and the Law, Contract Law, and Ethics and the Law. Guay has authored a number law related documents including bar review outlines and texts for courses covering the LSAT. He has taught over thirty subjects in online courses, which have covered a myriad of subjects from law to criminal justice.