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MSHA Part 48 Surface Mining Refresher


This course is designed to assist you in meeting Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Part 48 requirements for most above-ground mines or above-ground operations at underground mines.

Part 48 applies to coal mines, underground metal and nonmetal mines, surface metal mines, and certain surface nonmetal mines that are not in the following industries:

  • Surface stone
  • Surface clay
  • Sand and gravel
  • Surface limestone
  • Colloidal phosphate
  • Shell dredging mines
  • And other surface operations that produce marble, granite, sandstone, slate, shale, traprock, kaolin, cement, feldspar, and lime.

These mining industries must comply with the training requirements of Part 46. If your work is in both Part 48 and Part 46 mines, Part 48 training may be used to comply with Part 46 requirements.

You should be aware of what regulations cover your activity at the mine. There may be additional training requirements or stipulations not covered here.

You must have a copy of your company's training plan or know the time constraints for each topic of study and be sure your study meets the minimum hours outlined in your particular plan. Note that while this course covers the majority of subjects required for the refresher training, your plan may require material not covered here or additional subjects required by your MSHA District. The total time of study spent on the refresher must be a minimum of eight hours.

The course design here closely matches the template for Part 48 training provided by MSHA. When completed, your training will need to be certified by the person in your company responsible for mine safety and health training.

Who Should Take This Course

Mines must offer this safety and awareness training to persons performing all types of mining activities in MSHA Part 48 operations and to contractors who have frequent or extended exposures during maintenance activities.

Examples of personnel who need this training are:

  • Mining personnel: drillers, blasters, equipment operators, truck drivers, welders, crane operators, electricians, and other maintenance and construction workers
  • Independent contractors
  • Other facility personnel as required by the mines


The goal of this course is to provide the information necessary for you to learn the requirements of a safe workplace while meeting the requirements of the annual MSHA Part 48 refresher. Information is presented to help you recognize and avoid hazards you may be exposed to on a regular basis and those which occur unexpectedly. An overall understanding of all mining hazards is also presented.

Note: Although this course covers much of the information required by the regulations, many employers may find it to necessary to augment this online training with additional site-specific information and hands on training (such as reviewing site-specific health and safety risks and/or providing respirator fit testing).


Exams following each module.

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8 Hours
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90 Days

Linda R. Taylor, PE is the Coordinator of Environmental Training and Technical Assistance programs at North Carolina State University's IES. Ms. Taylor has over 10 years of civil and environmental engineering experience, and has taught numerous online courses on MSHA Part 48 Surface Mining, environmental, health, and hazardous safety topics.