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This course is designed for demolition contractors. Topics include preparatory operations, engineering survey, utility location, medical services & first aid, police & fire contact, fire prevention & protection, special structures, concrete structures, safe blasting procedures, transportation of explosives, storage of explosives, and procedures after blasting. This course covers the topics included in OSHA 29 CFR 1926.7 Subpart T.


  • "1926 Subpart T Demolition."
  • Learn how to meet the prerequisites, in order to fully achieve the demolition targets, besides ensuring the safety of employees engaged in demolition work.
  • To learn about the different types of demolition and the concerned requirements, different building structures and the applicable safety precautions for the demolition of the same.
  • Learn how to store, transport and use the explosives, properly, for the demolition work, and how to avoid any mishaps during handling and use of the explosives or blasting agents.
  • And of course to learn the related terminology


Upon completion of this course, students will have an in-depth knowledge of:

  • Precautions of Demolition Work
  • Blasting Explosions

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to print your certificate online.


Quizzes - All quizzes must be passed with a 100% to proceed forward to the next lesson.
Final Exam- Final Exam must be passed with a 70% to pass the course. The final exam can be taken three times if necessary.

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course code TRN7053
cost $20.00
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1 Hours
course materials
360 Days