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Office 2000 Advanced


PIN code provided for this course allows unlimited on-line access for 90 days. In this course, students will learn how to use the advanced features of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint 2000, as well as a section on business writing.

Through Microsoft Word 2000, students will learn how to customize and enhance their text-based documents by using master documents, subdocuments, expanded and locked documents; utilizing field references; applying formatting techniques; and using advanced features such as macros and revision tools. Students will learn how to apply the advanced features of Microsoft Excel 2000 to sort records, outline and filter lists, and import and export data. Students will also be taught how to use PivotTables, PivotCharts, and how to merge and link workbooks.

In Microsoft Access 2000, students will gain a more complete understanding of how to effectively create and use the primary database objects including tables, queries, forms, reports, and data access pages.

The course also teaches strategies for protecting data by enacting various security measures and by controlling how data is entered into a database. Mastery of Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 will empower an experienced user to apply advanced visual effects, import and export elements, work across applications, and prepare presentations for delivery in many different ways.

Students will learn how to customize backgrounds and color schemes, modify charts and pictures, and ready presentations for 35mm slides and the Web. Lastly, Business Writing provides students with a review of the skills needed to write successful and effective letters, memos, minutes, proposals, reports, and press releases. It also reviews basic spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules.


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Modify forms
  • Apply advanced visual effects
  • Sort, outline, and filter lists
  • Use master documents
  • Apply formatting techniques


Student performance is assessed by cumulative training time, number of lessons completed and, where tests are available, the percent correct. Many courses also have a pre- and post-test where the pre-test will automatically assign only the lessons needed to achieve course mastery.

course quick facts
course code DED3277
cost $260.00
estimated time to
complete course
24 Hours
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