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Expert Certificate Course in Medical Terminology


Welcome to our Expert Certificate Medical Terminology course

Learning medical terminology is like learning any foreign language. Along with the vocabulary, you need to learn how complex words are formed, and their origins.

Our Expert medical terminology course includes our 14 medical terminology modules, each in its own booklet for convenience, will help you to become fluent in the language of medicine. Each booklet is packed with terms and how they are formed, definitions and illustrations, plus some practice pages so you can test your knowledge as you go along.

Plus the added bonus our new terminology videos to accelerate your learning curve. Each video includes a workbook, so you can simultaneously see, hear and write terms - the most effective way to remember spelling and pronunciation. The first two 25-minute videos go hand-in-hand with the first five course booklets to introduce you to the basics of terminology. The remaining five 30-minute videos and workbooks walk you through specific body systems.

By the time you have completed the course, you will have an impressive, basic medical vocabulary associated with a wide range of areas: medical specialties, diagnostic tests and procedures, and the body's systems.

There's even a practical module on the abbreviations of states and provinces.
This course helps to prepare you to go on to other courses, such as transcription, billing or coding.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Show a solid understanding of medical terminology
  • Be able to recognize and divide medical words into their individual parts (prefix, suffix and root) so they are easy to understand.
  • Identify body systems and their corresponding terminology, function, lab tests and diagnoses.
  • Confidently pursue a career in the medical health area


Evaluation of student performance will be based on the following:

  • Video workbook exercises
  • Individual module tests
  • Comprehensive final exam

Grades & Self Reporting:

You will have 6 months to complete this course and take your final exam. If no final is taken, your grade will be posted as a "fail." Shortly after enrollment you will begin receiving regular email notifications regarding your course of study. We will be asking how you are progressing in this class. It is your responsibility to respond to our emails and work to finish this course within the time period stated. Not responding to these update notices could result in significant delays, grade reporting issues and failure in the class. Your goal is to complete the course and pass your final exam.

course quick facts
course code DED2708
cost $595.00
estimated time to
complete course
180 Hours
course materials
6 Months

Linda Najar, a 23-year veteran in the field of medicine, started out in nursing school in 1980, but was romanced into the field of surgical technology in 1981. After graduating with a degree in surgical technology, she sought to sharpen her skills at the Orlando Regional Medical Center where she worked on the trauma team. There, Linda had the opportunity to be involved in a teaching hospital setting where she assisted with pioneering procedures and mentored resident surgeons. She is currently employed by On-Time Transcription, and is working with a number of different clients.