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Medical Coding Certificate Program


Work Environment

Medical Coders work with little supervision in physician's offices, and many are self-employed.


According to the American Association of Professional Coders, Jacksonville Chapter, the typical coder compensation range in the Jacksonville metropolitan area is $10 - $22 an hour. An independent consultant can earn as much as $75 an hour. According to the most recent published Salary Survey by the American Association of Professional Coders, the national average salary (non-certified) is $27,108 whereas the national average salary for (certified) is $33,228. The Southeast regional average salary is listed at $25,941 (non-certified) and $32,807 (certified).

Medical Coding Curriculum

In order to obtain a Certificate of Completion you must successfully complete the three courses listed on this page. For more details about this entire certificate program and requirements you should click on each of the courses listed on this page and print out the entire course description.

It is important that you have taken Medical Terminology as a prerequisite to Coding. This comprehensive course will prepare you very well for anything that requires medical coding expertise, including CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) and ICD (International Classification of Diseases).

Students have up to 6 months to complete this program.


See individual course descriptions.


See individual course descriptions.

course quick facts
course code DED2900-C
cost $1999.00
estimated time to
complete course
164 Hours
course materials
6 Months

Claudia Yalden is the author of three published books. Her latest book Medical Billing The Bottom Line (ISBN 0-7392-0361-4 ) is widely sold in book stores and on the internet. Claudia, a certified coder, has over 30 years of claims processing experience and has provided national seminars to physicians and their staff in several states.


"Excellent course, funny and informative comments helped keep me motivated." - Susan Tillotson

"I learned alot about Insurance, and timely filing. Since I am disabled and on Medicare, it was real intersting to learn how to file those claims. I am currrently taking 2 more courses online, and would recommend it to anyone. It is a great way to go class, your learning time is in your own hands. It is nice especially for those who move more quickly than the others in the same class." - Mary Cook

"My knowledge and understanding of the coding business increased greatly. This course was challenging and I learned a lot about coding. " - Catherine Van Kampen

"My knowledge of medical things has increased significantly. The knowledge and skills learned will allow me to find decent employment. As for my attitude, I feel more confident." - William Moore