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Medical Coding

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Certified Medical Coders (CMC) translate clinical data from patient health records and assign appropriate medical codes. Their work is submitted to insurance companies for payment purposes, data collection, research, billing and quality improvement purposes.

Medical Coders play an important role in the financial success of private medical practices and other health care facilities. The greater the expertise of the Coder in identifying relevant diagnoses for patient encounters, the greater the insurance reimbursement to the employer! That's why employers today demand certified CMCs - because they are knowledgeable and have the skills and training needed to help their practices make more money!

Medical Coder Certification Means Success! Certified Medical Coders are in high demand throughout the healthcare industry. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical support professionals, including Medical Coders, are one of the 10 fastest-growing allied health occupations. And, studies show that Medical Coders are paid accordingly for their skills. The average starting pay for a certified Medical Coder is about $35,000 per year, with veterans in the field making over $50,000!

In-Depth Training: In the Medical Coding Certification course, you'll learn the essentials of Medical Coding, including evaluation and management coding, proper billing procedures for Medicare and private insurance companies, anatomy and medical terminology, claims appeals and more. The course includes resources that are used by Medical Coders on the job, including the Department of Health's International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision (ICD-9) and the American Medical Association's (AMA) Current Procedure Terminology (CPT). The CCA course will take the average student a little over 300 hours to work all the way through to completion.

Topics in this course, include:

  • Foundations of Medical TerminologyFoundations of Medical Coding Systems

CertBlaster Exam Simulations Included

Certified Coding Associate (CCA) certification exams. CertBlaster Exam Simulations provide a realistic test environment, so you will be fully prepared to take the actual certification exam!


Medical Coding Certificate


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