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Comprehensive Medical Coding Training


Please And Read This Information Carefully

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, health information technicians are one of the ten fastest growing allied health occupations. Coding is a challenging, interesting career that is compensated according to the level of training and skill, and how effectively these skills are used. Such people are employed by hospitals, clinics, doctor offices, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), mental healthcare facilities, insurance companies, law offices, and government agencies. Coders may work from home as independent consultants using medical billing and coding programs and other computer software.

Medical coding is the process of using a system of numbers to represent various medical problems, (diagnoses), and treatments. The treatment codes, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT-4), are copyrighted by the American Medical Association. The International Classifications of Diseases (ICD-9) is the codebook with the problems (diagnoses) numerically assigned. These books are included in the course. A medical dictionary is required and may be purchased from any book store.

Our Professional Edge Medical Coding Training Program will provide everything needed to learn to code successfully. It includes over 600 patient charts to practice on, with CPT, ICD, HCPCS coding training. The entire training program was developed by coders with 20+ years of experience to train would be coders in a fast track methodology.

The course uses an accelerated instruction mental "technology platform learning system" which helps one retain information on multiple levels. Specific information is presented, then interactively tested for retention.

Background: Requires a strong clinical background to analyze the contents of medical records and candidates must be detail-oriented, analytical, and have exemplary organizational skills.

Prerequisite: a medical background or a Medical Terminology Course (see this online catalog for additional course listings).

Grades & Self Reporting: Four months to complete this course and take the final exam. If no final is taken, the grade will be posted as a "fail."

Shortly after enrollment you will begin receiving regular email notifications regarding your course of study. We will be asking how you are progressing in this class. It is your responsibility to respond to our emails and work to finish this course within the time period stated. Not responding to these update notices could result in significant delays, grade reporting issues and failure in the class. Your goal is to complete the course and pass your final exam.

Upon successfully passing the Final Examination with an 85% or better score you will receive a Certificate of Completion from a nationally recognized leader in the field of Medical Transcription, Billing and Coding. You may also seek other types of certification by various entities in the industry. The American Association of Professional Coders, (AAPC), for example, allows 1 year of experience if you submit documentation for the successful completion of the course on the pretest application.

Additional Certificates are available from participating accredited universities and colleges. For more details write to


This state-of-the-art home training program will provide a practical, straightforward and useful knowledge of this complex field.

The student develops skills for a surprisingly broad range of business and industry types:

  • The medical profession
  • Patient care
  • Legal profession
  • Insurance industry
  • Third party auditing
  • Efficiency consulting

The Certificate provided is often sufficient for employment. It will also allow one to sit for various certification tests should that be a goal.


Each set of information is evaluated by completing each of the interactive self-evaluating quizzes, and coding over 600 patient charts. The coding answer sections provide the logical rationale for selection of diagnoses and treatment protocols.

  • On-line real time instructors are available weekdays.

  • Evaluation of student performance will be based upon the following criteria: Final exams = 100% of subject grade.
  • Course must be completed within 4 months of the start date.
  • Extensions are granted but there is a fee.

course quick facts
course code DED2705
cost $1299.00
estimated time to
complete course
80 Hours
course materials
4 Months

Jari Davis is the primary course author, and has developed an interactive online Medical CodingProgram, which information is presented, digested, and integrated into quiz formats, leading the student through very complex legal material in a rapid and easy fashion.


"I didn't know how to code, but a very little I now feel confident to do Medical Coding for a job. I would recommend this course to someone else." - Mary Cook

"Thank you so much for answering my concerns regarding the great coding course. I did what you suggested and went onto Volume II and have thoroughly enjoyed coding the charts. It is encouraging when I code the chart 100% correctly (has not happened too many times!!!) but practice makes perfect. I have 25 charts left before completion." Pat

"I want to say THANK YOU for always being so prompt in answering my questions. You have been very helpful and encouraging and I have enjoyed this course immensely. I have recommended it to several people already." Thanks, Jennifer

"I never dreamed I would get this far and in such a short period of time, but I did and I owe it to ordering your courses, I looked at many different courses online and yours struck me as the best. Well... I am living proof it works! I start my new career March 10, 2004 and I cannot wait. This job will change my life and that of my family. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER! " Gwenn A.

"Hi! Just wanted to let you know I interviewed and was offered (which I accepted) a great job as head coder for a new Outpatient Surgical Center. They gave me a coding test, 12 surgical CPTs and I coded every one correctly, thanks to your program." Debbie M.