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Understanding Globalization: Preparing for the 21st Century


Globalization is the process of integrating national economies, political structures, and cultures into a single, world-wide, interdependent system.

In this course we will explore the basics of Globalization: what it is and how to understand it as an economic, political and a cultural phenomenon.

This self-paced course examines both sides of the Globalization debate in a unique, interactive learning environment.

The course includes:

  • 40 learning modules
  • 110 short question/answer exercises
  • Links to online resources and databases
  • Online quizzes and final exam
  • Discussion Board

Modules cover a single topic. Each module uses 2-3 question/answer exercises designed to facilitate learning. Exercises involve data gathering, chart making, research, readings, and links to other sites. Modules take 5 - 20 minutes to complete. The discussion board allows you to share your ideas with other students.


Upon completion of the course the student will be conversant with the basics of the debate on Globalization. The course is designed to bring the student "up to speed" on the fundamentals of this important topic.

The student will learn the following:

  • Why critics argue that global economic expansion creates poverty in many countries
  • Why the U.N., WTO, and IMF are controversial
  • How to define, understand, and use basic concepts in global economics such as:
    Comparative Advantage
    Trade Deficit
    Exchange Rate
    GDP, GNP and Income per Capita
  • How to understand the fundamental economic issues related to Globalization, including:
    Tariffs and Protectionism
    Policies of the IMF
    Free Trade Associations: NAFTA
  • How to understand basic arguments on political and cultural issues, such as:
    Human Rights

In addition to factual knowledge in the areas listed above, the student will learn researching, communication, and thinking skills.


Assessment includes:

  • Facilitator reviews of student questions and comments on Discussion Board
  • Continuous student self-assessment using question/answer exercises
  • Online multiple-choice quizzes
  • Final exam (objective, multiple-choice questions)

course quick facts
course code DED3100
cost $59.00
estimated time to
complete course
10 Hours
course materials
1 Weeks

Dr. Anthony Birch has extensive experience in both technology and education. He has worked as a technical writer for high-technology fields and as a software salesman of inventory control software. His experience teaching online courses includes teaching philosophy at several colleges, and, more recently, training computer-networking professionals the fundamentals of Windows in intensive "boot camp" classes. He teaches online courses that cover a variety of course, which includes technology and globalization.