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Supply Chain Management

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This course is designed for managers, team leaders, implementers, project managers, and coaches who are involved in supply chain management within their organizations

History tells us we can no longer do business as usual. Whether you call it a revolution or an evolution, how you manage your supply chain will affect your level of success. This course will teach you the basics of supply chain management (SCM). You will learn about the evolution of SCM, collaboration within the supply chain, and the effects the system has on an organization.

You will be able to define organizational strategies, understand how to synchronize the supply chain, and how to use technology to maximize the value of the supply chain. The course will conclude with an exploration of the challenges that occur when implementing SCM systems across various sectors, along with future implications for SCM systems.


Upon completion of this online course, students will have a well-rounded understanding of:

The Evolution of Supply Chain Management

  • Recognize the benefits of understanding the concept of Supply Chain Management and the impact it has on organizations
  • Sequence historical phases in the evolution of supply chain management
  • Match the components of a supply chain to organizational functions of each
  • Identify the possible outcomes of inter-organizational collaboration within a hypothetical supply chain
  • Match the characteristics of a supply chain management system with the functions of each
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of an organizations supply chain management system and recommend improvements, in a given scenario

Managing the Supply Chain

  • Recognize the benefits of successfully managing a supply chain
  • Label the strategy statements of an organization as either strategic or operational in nature
  • Identify the corresponding impacts that product design decisions have on the manufacturing and distribution processes throughout a supply chain
  • Match the management objectives, used to synchronize a supply chain, with an example of each
  • Apply the appropriate management techniques to effectively synchronize a supply chain, in a given scenario
  • Associate types of information technology with their primary function within a supply chain
  • Evaluate an organizations business operations, to recommend how to better utilize information technology in its supply chain


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35 Hours
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