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Human Resource Management in the 21st Century


Virtual offices, independent workforce, customers with multiple areas of interest and geographic locations all contribute to the HR challenge within today's organizations. Today the battle to recruit and retain organizational talent presents new and different paradigms.

Human Resource Management in the 21st Century takes the participant from the traditional HR practices, to the focus on new and innovative HR practices of the 21st Century. Focusing on theory, practice and application, this course covers case studies from today`s noted organizations. The participant will take part in prescriptive solutions to situations and application-oriented case studies.


The participant will be able to apply theory and practice across a spectrum of situations and will practice prescriptive solutions within 21st Century organizational strategies.


Participants will successfully complete this course by providing assessment and prescriptive applications across case studies. Each participant will contribute to case related discussion threads and complete prescriptive solutions for two case studies. Final assessment output will be a prescriptive recommendation paper of 8 - 10 pages in length. Assessment outcomes will be based on weekly participation in discussion threads, two case study written prescriptions (4 - 6 pages each) and the final paper. Readings will be posted within e-mails and internet links and as such there will be no textbooks required for this course.

course quick facts
course code DED898-B
cost $199.00
estimated time to
complete course
24 Hours
course materials
5 Weeks

Richard (Dick) Petitte brings over 28 years experience in designing and developing online educational, training and multi-media applications with a strong focus on organizational development, leadership, and interactive distance learning process solutions. An instructional designer and Emmy award winning multi-media producer/director, Dick brings a unique blend of skills that span from organizational diagnosis to implementation of solutions across a wide range of delivery formats. Petitte teaches a number of online courses that cover topics such as leadership, human resource management, and persuasion.