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Using the Emacs Editor

ProTrain Online


The Emacs editor is one of the most popular editors in the Linux environment. Emacs can be used to create or edit configuration files and can be used to create scripts or programs.

Students will need access to Linux with a copy of Emacs installed.


  • Students will open and save files in Emacs
  • Students will use the search and replace features of Emacs.
  • Students will work with Emacs windows, buffers and frames.
  • Students will set tabs and align text.
  • Students will explore how Emacs supports working with various kinds of documents.
  • Students will create Emacs macros and customize the Emacs settigns.


Students will learn to navigate in documents, edit text in a file and to customize the environment.


course quick facts
course code PRO2068
cost $375.00
estimated time to
complete course
295 Hours
course materials
7 Weeks