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Linux Complete Set


This course set will walk you through Linux installation and setup, including some of the more difficult topics like network settings and graphical interface configuration. Then you will learn the basics of using Linux and get into the popular text editor VI.

Using VI you will learn the basics of the Linux shell and how to create and program your own shell.

The course will cover a number of built-in Linux utilities and network commands. Other topics include system installation and configuration, startup and shutdown, adding/deleting users, installing peripheral devices, backing up and restoring system and user data, application package installation, security, and task scheduling. Students will also learn how to administer and maintain file systems, accounts, printers and hardware devices with the Linux operating system, Linux Network Administration key areas of Linux network management, security, e-mail and domain servers. This course also teaches how to set-up Linux web servers as well as how to manage and maintain them. This course comes with electronic study guides.


Upon successful completion of this combined course student should understand Linux, be able to administer network operations and server operations in the Linux Operating System Environment.


This course has a pre and post assessment to gauge your comprehension of the subject matter for each of the 15 levels. At the beginning of each section the instructor outlines the Pre-Required skills and knowledge for that section.

As the student completes each section there are quizes testing the knowledge and comprehension. The knowledge gained in one section is the prerequisit knowledge for the following section. The quizzes will help student underdtand their knowledge prior to taking the next section.

course quick facts
course code DED606
cost $699.00
estimated time to
complete course
96 Hours
course materials
15 Weeks

Nathan Bryant has developed a number of online IT programs, and is a national corporate provider of Professional Grade Training (tm). Nathan's IT courses were created to aid individuals, businesses, and industry leaders who want to learn about Linux as well as a variety of other IT related issues.