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Turn Your Life Experience Into College Credit


Earn College Credit For What You Know! This course is designed for the lifelong learner who has a rich history of life experiences. You have participated in a variety of activities and have developed a multitude of skills and now seek to use this experience to transition back to school or advance your career.

The purpose of this course is to help guide and make you think about your life and what you have learned. It is quite possible that your knowledge may be appropriate to earn you college credit. Using the various exercises, activities and readings you will learn how to earn college credit from an accredited college or university.

This online course serves as a basic guide on how to earn college credit for what you know. You will learn the various methods institutions will use to evaluate your prior learning. It has been designed to give you direction.

It is exactly for anyone, anywhere in the world who has a dedicated desire to better themselves, build self-esteem and take a significant step in moving affirmatively forward with their life goals. There are a total of 6 in-depth lessons each building upon the previous one.

Learn from a Life Experience and Adult Education Expert how to gain the competitive advantage and advance your career goals and objectives!

Does This Sound Like You?

You will benefit from this course if you:
  • Have or have not finished formal schooling
  • Have been out of the paid workforce and are seeking new opportunities
  • Have confidence in your abilities & skills
  • Are interested in returning to school
  • Are interested in re-entering the workforce
  • Want to turn your life experiences into college credit
  • Desire to gain the competitive advantage


At the completion of the course students will have the abilities to:

  1. Recognize the value of prior learning and life experiences
  2. Identify hidden skills they have developed
  3. Recognize the difference between formal & informal training
  4. Understand the integral roles self-esteem and values play in prior learning experiences
  5. Learn how to count skills developed outside of a formal education
  6. Identify career interests
  7. Plan ahead for formal training
  8. Identify training needs
  9. Identify www resources beneficial to your continued learning
  10. Increase self-confidence based on prior learning experiences
  11. Identify skills acquired through life and work experiences as well as in previous education and training
  12. Develop a realistic career and future study plan


Passing Grade= 70% on each of the 6 end of lesson quizzes.

course quick facts
course code DED1946
cost $99.00
estimated time to
complete course
24 Hours
course materials
90 Days

Prior to founding JER Group, Inc. Dr. John Reid served an Internet curriculum developer and multimedia specialist, Dr. Reid has had extensive expertise in developing and teaching online courses and continuing education courses to adult and lifelong learners. He has taught online courses in a variety of areas, including, writing covers letters and web-based instruction.