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Job-Seekers Workshop: 10 steps to a new beginning


Welcome to our Employment Strategies Workshop
The Employment Strategies Workshop begins with determining career requirements with a helpful worksheet, then explains how to find potential employers using the Net, networking and the direct approach; shows how to develop, personalize and target a resume (includes samples), write an effective cover letter (includes samples); talks about the best ways to contact employers, gives tips on preparing for an interview, such as considering answers for questions that may be asked, gives advice on conduct during the interview, such as following your potential employers demeanor; notes the best way spend your time while waiting for a call back and, finally, offers basic principles to follow to help secure career success.


  1. Confidence in your career goals; worksheets help determine best path(s)
  2. A resume that looks professional and up-to-date
  3. A resume tailored to each job application
  4. Confidence in interviews; insight into various interview situations
  5. A step ahead of the job-seeking competition
  6. Knowledge of 10-step job-seeking process from the pros
  7. Success in the three-month probationary period of a new job


This self-directed workshop allows students to assess their career requirements and current skills, evaluate/update their resumes and cover letters, and boost their job-seeking methods with the following tools:
  • Worksheets
  • Exercises
  • Sample cover letters
  • Sample resumes
  • Interview practice
  • Employment web sites

course quick facts
course code DED196
cost $24.00
estimated time to
complete course
5 Hours
course materials
1 Weeks