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Java 2 -- Handling Exceptions & Implementing Threads


This unit explains the basics of exception handling by introducing the concept and highlighting the advantages of exception handlers in a program. It draws a distinction between errors and exceptions. In this unit, you will learn about the keywords used in exception handling.

In addition, you will also learn to deal with the various methods for handling exceptions and percolation of exceptions in the method activation stack. This unit introduces and describes the most common exceptions in a Java program.

This unit describes multithreading in Java by illustrating the concepts of threads and process. You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of multithreading. This unit also describes the lifecycle of a thread and shows you how to identify the priorities of a thread. The unit also presents the various methods in the Thread class.

This unit lists the steps for creating and executing a thread by using the Runnable interface and the Thread class. The unit provides an overview of the thread groups and the important methods in that class. The synchronization of threads is also discussed in this unit. Finally, the unit explains deadlocks and inter-thread communication.


Students will be able to know and understand exceptions in Java code. They will be able to distinguish between "errors" and "exceptions". Students will learn about the various methods of dealing with exceptions and know and describe the most common exceptions in a Java program.

Students will also be able to describe threading and multithreading, its use, advantages, disadvantages, and priorities.


Students will experience Pre-Topic and Post-Topic Assessments, as well as practice and assessments and each section within this course.

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24 Hours
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90 Days

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