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Java 2 -- Building Graphical User Interfaces


This course contains 3 units: The Java.awt.package, using GUI components and managing the layout.

The first unit will cover the features of the java.awt.package. It explains the important methods and alignment constants of the Component class. You will learn about the use and application of the Panel, Applet, Window, Canvas, Frame, and Dialog classes, which are a part of the java.awt package. In addition, the unit describes the methods of the Graphics class for painting and drawing on the client area. Finally, the unit describes the use of the Color class constants to set the background and foreground color of a container.

The second unit starts with defining the Label class and its methods. The Label class is used to display a line of read-only text. You will learn to define a button class and use its methods to add a button component. You will also learn to create a checkbox control to turn an option on or off. Additionally, you will learn to create a set of radio buttons by using the checkboxGroup classes that enable you to select one and only one check box in a group. This unit also covers defining a Choice class, which is used to create a pop-up list. Also, this unit will cover the List class that provides a compact, multiple choice scrolling selection list and its methods. You will also learn about TextArea classes that are needed when a single line of text is not enough for a given task. Finally, you will learn about the TextField classes that provide methods to set and retrieve the text of a Label object and to align the text within the object`s display.

In the third unit, you will learn about various layout managers such as FlowLayout, BorderLayout, CardLayout, GridLayout, and GridBagLayout. This unit will discuss the significance of the layout managers. In addition, the implementation of layout managers and the methods to implement them are discussed. You will be able to choose a layout manager based on your requirements.


The student will at the completion of this course be able to know and understand graphical user interfaces in Java programming. They will have learned how to use Panels, Applets, Windows Frames and other classes, in addition they will be able to describe in-detail the graphics classes for painting and drawing on the client area.

Students will be able to define the Label class and its methods, create check boxes, radio buttons, pop-up lists and scrolling methods. Students will also be able to describe and use layout managers based on their requirements.


Students will experience Pre-Topic and Post-Topic Assessments, as well as practice and assessments and each section within this course.

course quick facts
course code DED263-G
cost $39.00
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complete course
24 Hours
course materials
90 Days

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